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Issue 111

Spring, 2024

● The Best Start in Life? ● Our Long, Long Journey Towards Becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love ● Finding Balance ● A New View of Money – Part II ● Compost Heap Ruminations ● Becoming Recollected: Human Crossroads – Angelic Turning Points of Reality ● What Happened to Free Speech? ● The Cross: A Seed-Thought for Easter ● Divergent Paths of The Future Part 1: Historical Foundations of Emergent Evolution ● Unveiling the Spirit in Darwinism ● Climate Watch: Science and Activism in the 21st Century ● Divergent Paths of The Future Part 1: Historical Foundations of Emergent Evolution ● A Different Country? The 13th Century and Today – Part II ●… and book reviews…

Issue 110

Winter, 2023

● The Christmas Conference of 1923: Its Esoteric & Historical Significance in the Context of Today ● The Foundation Stone Meditation ● Lines in the Sand – What Led to the Formation of the State of Israel? ● An Epistle to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. An Open Letter ● Of Dragons and of Peace ● Becoming Harpistic ● What Happened to Free Speech? ● Beyond Men and Mammoths: New Directions in Prehistory ● Science and the Changing Climates ● The Red Goetheanum ● … and book reviews…

Issue 109

Autumn, 2023

● The Sphere of Pluto and the Nuclear Question ● A Different Country? The 13th Century and Today – Part I ● A New View of Money – Part I ● Levity and Gravity ● Reflections on the Mystery of Golgotha ● Colours – the Children of Light and Darkness ● Maya: The Great Illusion Of The World ● Manichaeism and Rosicrucianism: A Combined Middle Way? ● Karmic Connections in History and Why they Really Matter ● Anthroposophy in France – An Interview with Isabelle Dupin… ● Rudolf Steiner: Fighter for spiritual freedom – A centenary event approaches… ● Seeking to understand the trans-gender issue. ● … and book and film reviews…

Issue 108

Summer, 2023

● A Letter from America ● Looking with Fresh Eyes ● Medicine in the Stranglehold of Profit ● Why Does Poetry Matter? ● Reaching Across Space and Time ● What Gifts Do We Bring? To the Bees and all Our Fellow Creatures ● Climate Watch: Clouding The Mind ● Old Saturn – an Introduction ● Three Kings and the Sun Demon ● … and book reviews…

Issue 107

Spring, 2023

● A Brief History of Mystery Drama ● The Old and New Cain and Abel Streams in our Time ● The Old and New Cain and Abel Streams in our Time ● Etheric Vision: Social Science to Social Art ● Rudolf Steiner’s Theory of Knowledge – An Introduction ● The Guardian Angel ● The Number 23 ● Climate Watch: Net Zero Soul ● The Elephant in the Womb ● The First Mystery Drama: The Doorway of Initiation ● … and book reviews…

Issue 106

Winter, 2022

● Form and the Human Embryo ● Peace on Earth: A Contribution from the Asia-Pacific Region ● 100 Years on from the Burning of the Goetheanum ● Where now with Health? ● Climate Watch: Adjustments to Reality ● The Three Births Through the Holy Nights ● Intentional Household Management ● The New Rudolf Steiner Archive ● Friedrich Schiller and ‘Demetrius’ ● The Anglo-Russian Antagonism Part Three (Conclusion) ● … and book reviews…

Issue 105

Autumn, 2022

● The Isolation of the Human Being Through Corporate Power ● Lucifer and Ahriman – An Introduction ● The Trinity of White, Red and Black ● A Life with Trees and Forests ● The Anglo-Russian Antagonism – Part 2: The 19th Century ‘Great Game’ ● Alliance for Camphill: Founding a New Community ● Climate Watch ● … and book reviews…

Issue 104

Summer, 2022

● The Emergence of the Eighth Sphere ● Climate Watch ● The Anglo-Russian Antagonism – Part 1 ● Creating a global fraternal economy from a grassroots economic project ● Osteopathy and Healing: An appreciation of Andrew Taylor Still ● The Seven Cultural Epochs and the Art of Philip Nelson ● Lost and Found: exploring with the dead across the threshold ● Momo and The Grey Gentlemen: A Story for Our Time ● … and book reviews…

Issue 103

Spring, 2022

● The Powerful Message of the Rosicrucian Stories for our Time ● Europe in Flight ● On the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship’s ‘Anti-racism Statement’: Making Sense of Accusations of ‘Racism’ against Rudolf Steiner ● The Prisoner Revisited ● Sovereignty, Common Law Rights and Community ● Anthroposophic Medicine in the Time of Covid ● Climate Watch ● Imagining an alternative to the banking system of the Great Reset ● Rudolf Steiner’s Views and Social Reform ● 2022 – War in Ukraine

By David Newbatt, inspired by ‘Frith Wood’

Issue 102

Winter, 2021

● On Why We Should Not Give Up Hope ● America: Land of the Apocalypse ● The Healing Power of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science in our Time ●The Chinese Health Dictatorship in 1920-1930 Compared to the Rise of the Cyber-biosecurity Regime in the West ● Four Perspectives on the Riddle of Two-Fold Time ● The Quest of St Bride of the Isles ● Covid, Climate and Conspiracy ● SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 as Manifestations of the Bat Archetype ● Who Cares? ● But the Emperor is naked…

Issue 101

Autumn, 2021

● Social Division and the Need of the Individual ● Uncovering the Covid Narrative ● 5G and Coronavirus: An Interim Report ● The Work of the Angel in Our Astral Body ● Planet Earth on the Edge ● Encountering the Climate Modelling Mentality ● 5G and Coronavirus: An Interim Report ● The Four Counterforces in the Crisis of the 21st Century ● Who are you calling unscientific? On the term ‘anti-vaxxer’ ● Immunity – Natural and Otherwise: Towards a ‘Scientific Revolution’ in Modern Medicine.

Issue 100

Summer, 2021

● The Challenge of the Times: Interlocking Histories: 9/11, the Anthrax Attacks and Covid-19 – Avoiding Brave New World and Creating the Future ● Knowledge, Truth, Freedom and Goodness ● Conflict: the Outer and the Inner Worlds ● Through a Magnifying Glass, Darkly: The Unanswered Mysteries of the English Detective Story ● Freeing the Voice (Werbeck Singing). An Interview with Christiaan Boele ● The Denial in Social Justice: The Need for Anthroposophy and The Spiritual Fact of Our Time ● Crisis and Renewal ● Seeds of Hope ● On the Complexity of Rudolf Steiner’s Views on Vaccination and Medical Injection

Issue 99

Spring, 2021

● Humanity at a Threshold ● To live with Fear and not be afraid ● Our ‘I’ as a Sun Being ● The Social Context of Technology: Impulses from Gondishapur v Rudolf Steiner’s Impulse of Social Threefolding ● Two Pictures by Greg Tricker of Christ Resurrected ● Youth and Spirituality ● Vaccination in Sociological and Paradigmatic Perspective ● Where the Sky Turns Black: Reflections on the 5G Satellite Net Surrounding the Earth ● Spirit in Language ● The Michael Chekhov Technique and its Roots in Anthroposophy and Eurythmy ● Rudolf Steiner’s Insights on Viral Illness and Epidemics in the Context of Materialistic and Spiritual Science

Issue 98

Winter, 2020

● The Importance of Freedom and the Future of Culture: Who was the original Johannes Thomasius? ● 2021: Where Next? ● Who Stole the Rainbow? ● The Human Countenance Divine ● The Spiritual Power of Naming ● Shindig in Lockdown ● From Inoculation to Indoctrination: A Review Essay on Vaccination, ‘Science’ and Ideology ● Are Viruses and Microbes the Real Culprits in the Emergence of Deadly Epidemics? ● Towards a Threefold Commonwealth ● Awakening the Dream ● Three Friends Across the Threshold ●

Issue 97

Autumn, 2020

● Covid-19 and ‘The Great Reset’ ● The Christ Impulse in the Age of the Consciousness Soul ● Masks – what they show and what they conceal ● Into the New Normal? – Part II ● A reader’s experience of lockdown ● Being pregnant in an age of compliance: Thoughts on healthcare, safety and freedom ● Are we squeezing the life out of death? ● Is the Mind a Spiritual Entertainment System? ● Roundabout Route to Rudolf Steiner House ● Interview: Administration and the Waldorf School: Questions of Managerialism and Collegiality ● The Fight for Steiner Education in the UK ● A Michaelmas Article – Part Two: What on Earth are we to do about it?

Verse by Christopher Fry; Background painting by Karin Jarman

Issue 96

Summer, 2020

Coronavirus: Thank God our Time is Now; The Corona Syndrome – Why Fear is More Dangerous Than the Virus; The Pandemic of Fear; The Corona Syndrome; Social Background of the Pandemic; A view from Germany; Covid Conspiracies – or the Origins of the matter; the medicine of Love; 5G and Coronavirus; Into the ‘New Normal’ Part I ● Walking as a way of envlivening the Earth ● Reflecting on Rudolf Steiner’s Concept of the Eightfold Path ● Anne Frank – the Art of Greg Tricker ● Letter to the Editor: On Defending Waldorf Education in England’s Courts ● The Fight for Steiner Education in the UK ● NNA – News for Civil Society

Issue 95

Spring, 2020

● Coronavirus Parallels: An Easter Article ● The Fall from Paradise and its Redemptionby Christ ● A Story from the Childhood and Adolescence of Waldorf Education in China ● Defending Waldorf Education in England’s Courts ● The Spiritual-Scientific View of Some Causes behind the Present Coronavirus Pandemic ● Searching for the Balanced Life ● Uncaging the Senses ● Chill Revisited – climate and carbon ● The Study of World Events - Cosmology and the Coronavirus ● A Moving Picture at the National Film Theatre in London

Issue 94

Winter, 2019

● Inner Fire: overcoming dependence on medication ● The Biography of Holy Sophia ● The Isenheim Altar and the Wholeness of Saint Anthony ● What is the truth about Global Warming? ● Bridging the Gulf – Anthroposophy in a Material World ● British politics seen from a Continental perspective● NATO’s 70th Birthday and the UN COP 25 Climate Conference in Madrid ● Leonardo – Five Hundred Years On

Issue 93

Autumn, 2019

● Bringing Light To The World: Our Deepest Human Vocation● Owen Barfield ● Finance and the Social Order ● Finding Freedom in Prison: Anthroposophical Prison Outreach in the USA ● A Question of Identity ● The Gesture of the Human Form ● Neoliberalism and the Emergence of the Threefold Social Order ● “Unite Behind the Science”? Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and Technocracy

Issue 92

Summer, 2019

● A Glimpse at the Balkans ● Brexit as a Spiritual Question Part III Conclusion: A Personal View ● An Open Letter from Educationalists to the Head of England’s Schools Inspectorate (Ofsted) ● The Dragon in relation to Thinking ● The Gift of Perception – Perceptual Agency and Human Experience ● Questions of Evolution ● Beauty, Truth and Lawfulness: Polyhedral Forms, Transformations and Dualities ● Coming Back Home to Ourselves: Women Writing at a Turning Point in History

Issue 91

Spring, 2019

● The British Isles ● Opposites, Brexits and Finding New Ways Forward ● Therapy for a Divided Kingdom ● The Growth of Financial Capitalism ● Christian Love of Nature and the Significance of Place ● Goethe and the Giant Sloth: The Faustian strivings of an unusual animal ● The Strange Life of Otto Weininger ● Evolution of Consciousness and the Calendar of the Soul: Owen Barfield, Samuel Taylor Coleridge and Imagination ● Brexit as a Spiritual Question: Part II The Continental/Catholic Dimension

Issue 90

Winter, 2018

● Sophia and the Arc of Hope ● Through Mary to Christ Jesus ● The Iona Impulse: Rudolf Steiner and the Western Mysteries ● 5G: The Final Assault ● Brexit as a Spiritual Question: Why the EU is the Wrong Direction for Europe and the Modern Age ● Searching for Atlantis – Part III, Rudolf Steiner and Atlantis ● The Destiny of the Soul Calendar

Issue 89

Autumn, 2018

● Reflections on Modern Global Migrations ● “The Voice of Europe as a United Whole”? ● The Importance of ‘Narratives’: 1914-2018 … The War on Russia, Germany and ‘Hate’ ● The Spiritual Challenge of Artificial Intelligence ● Meeting the Woman at the Well ● Michaelmas and Easter, Autumn and Spring Poets and the Adonis Mystery ● Searching for Atlantis – Part II, Atlantis in the Nineteenth Century ● Kafka and Napoleon

Issue 88

Summer, 2018

● When The Will Awakens: A Mystery Drama that follows on from the FOUR MYSTERY DRAMAS written by Rudolf Steiner ● Children, Screen-Time and Nature ● The Case for the Educational Policy Committee (EPC) ● From Natural Science to Spiritual Science ● The Water Cycle: How high does it reach?Does it reach the ether? ● Losing Yourself to Find Yourself: 1968 and 2018 ● Midsummer and St. John’s Tide: meditative moods ● The Machine Stops ● The Economics of Sin ● Art as Potential; The Potential of Art ● The Eternal Diogenes Knocking at the Gate of Transcendence

Issue 87

Spring, 2018

● Searching for Atlantis – Part I: Plato’s Atlantis ● Land for Life ● Introduction to Anthroposophical Concepts ● Ethers and Etheric Formative Forces ● Evolution and the problem with Darwin ● Manfred Ziegler – Artist, Researcher and Teacher ● Easter ● Education, freedom and personal responsibility ● Goethe and the Rainbow ● Dualism and Threefolding in Politics and Society ● Rosa Mayreder

Issue 86

Winter, 2017

● Goethe and Rudolf Steiner ● 1849 and 2017: Thoughts on Globalisation ● Living Anthroposophy in Findhorn, Scotland ● The Dilemmas of Lord Jim: Reflections on the English Folk Soul ● The Art of Greg Tricker ● The Marriage of Art and Science and The New Hibernian Way ● Plutonists and Neptunists: Goethe between Flood and Fire ● The Challenge of Goethe’s Way of Thinking

St Michael and the Dragon: Silhouette

Issue 85

Autumn, 2017

● Rudolf Steiner’s political actions in 1917 relevant to today’s social problems ● Understanding the Immune System and Vaccines ● Radiation, Robot Bees and 5G ● The Art of a Silhouettist ● Why Fairy Tales are for Grown-Ups ● Truth Between Right and Left; Charlottesville ● Rudolf Steiner: The Trinity and Creation

Midsummer, making decisions

Issue 84

Summer, 2017

● Rudolf Steiner on Phantoms, Spectres and Demons ● Meditation ● Searching for Lemuria ● Individual – Nation – World ● The Midsummer Festival ● Music in the Grip of Technology: Part III ● Spiritual Emergence – Spiritual emergency ● Hermann Hesse and Anthroposophy

All Things Are Made New

Issue 83

Spring, 2017

● Interview with Terry Boardman ● Experiments with a Basic Income ● Goethe’s Scientific Method ● Rooftop Gardens ● The Age of the Earth ● Whitsun ● The Destiny and Mission of Music in our Time: Part II ● From Head to Heart – From Theory to Practice

Issue 82

Winter, 2016

● 2016: Brexit in Europe; Trump in America ● An Ecological Vision in Practice ● The Destiny and Mission of Music in our Time ● About Atoms and Radioactivity Part III ● An Exploration of Colour ● William Shakespear’s The Tempest – an exegisis…

Issue 81

Autumn, 2016

● Rudolf Steiner’s Vision for our Social Future: Openings for Social Threefolding ● Education, Business, the State and the Threefold Social Order ● Echoes of the 9th Century in Our Time ● ‘Toxic Childhood’ Ten Years On – and what we can do about It ● The Disintegrating Atom (no small matter!)…

Issue 80

Summer, 2016

Britain and the EU Referendum ● Donald Trump ● The Atom ● A Meditation on Radiant Matter ● Steiner as Art Historian ● The background to the Threefolding in society…

Issue 79

Spring, 2016

Celebrating Shakespeare ● Tragedy ● A New Mystery Drama ● Tone, Sound, Noise and the Future of Music ● Issues in Climate Study ● Spatial Education and Bothmer Movement ● Vaccines ● Climate Change and Geo-engineering ● What is the Value of Learning Languages?…

Issue 78

Winter, 2015

The Paris Attacks of 13 November 2015 and the Refugee Crisis ● Radicalisation ● Feminine Inspiration ● H.D. and the Gleaming Magdalene ● Dry Point Etching…

Issue 77

Autumn, 2015

Historical Conscience ● Managerialism ● The Body in Movement and Space ● The Foliate Adam and Rosslyn’s Green Men ● H.D. and the Flowering Sophia ● Classroom Management v Educating the Will ● iPads and Babies Don’t Mix ● Waldorf Education as Trauma Therapy…

Issue 76

Summer, 2015

Economy, War and Peace ● What is the Human Being? ● Reflections on John the Baptist ● H.D. and the Aesthetic Christ ● The Age of the Universe ● The Poetry of Ted Hughes ● Signpost to Rudolf Steiner ● The Rev. Prof. Hermann Beckh…

Issue 75

Spring, 2015

Albion and the Spirit of Britain ● William Shakespear – Saudi Arabian Pilgrim ● Securing Land for Biodynamic Farms as Green Oases ● Reviving Ancient Planting Practices ● Finding the Computer – A Pedagogical Exploration ● The Alchemical World View ● The Toolbox to Happiness and Success…

Issue 74

Winter, 2014

The Legend of St Bride ● Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Syndrome ● Beyond the Gaia Hypotheses ● Securlar Spirituality? The Future of Steiner-Waldorf Education ● Re-imaging the University ● The Poppies of 2014 – Goodbye to All That?…

Issue 73

Autumn, 2014

The Genesis and Understanding of the Threefold Social Order ● Rhodes, Russia and the Islamic State ● A Journey from Easter to Whitsun ● Camphill, Community and Research ● Embracing Dying ● Building Human Capacities through Waldorf Education…

Issue 72

Summer, 2014

Thoughts on 1914 in Relation to Scottish Independence and the Future of Britain ● Working with the Forces of Life ● A Journey into the Mysteries of Water ● Steiner-Waldorf Education in Nepal ● TTIP ● Agenda 21: ‘Sustainable Development’ or Media Smoke and Mirrors ● The Social Impulse Behind Waldorf Education…

Issue 71

Spring, 2014

Message from the Temperate Rain Forest ● Brotherhood with Trees ● Anthroposophy and Steiner Schools ● The Human Heart ● A Brief Overview of some Economic Trends in the Light of the Crash ● The First World War and the Ukraine Crisis ● Before the Big Bang…

Issue 70

Winter, 2013

How ‘Silent Spring’ came to Britain ● Goethe’s Qualitative Science ● The Foundation Stone Meditation ● Auschwitz ● The Knight, the Nobleman and the Monk ● Syriana Part II

Evening Primrose Gnome, created by Alfhild Wilkes

Issue 69

Autumn, 2013

● Syriana: Part I ● Fracking ● The Psalms of Dylan ● Rudolf Steiner’s Motto of Social Ethics: A New Translation ● A Pilgrim’s Experience of the Camino de Santiago ● A Journey from Easter to Whitsun ● The Hottinger Gnomes and my connection to them ● Theodora’s Prophetic Revelation: The End of Kali Yuga and the Dawn of the New Michaelic Age

In the Mood of Metanoia

Issue 68

Summer, 2013

● A Refutation of the Allegation of Racism against Rudolf Steiner ● A Retrospective: Afghanistan and Iraq ● Removing the Mind-Forg’d Manacles ● Twinned with Pforzheim, Germany ● Green Goetheanum in Somerset ● Mysteries of the Written Word ● The Course of Dr. Strader’s Life

Issue 67

Spring, 2013

● The Nature of Things ● King Richard’s Bones and Britain’s Future: Lion, Hart and Boar ● Musical Tone and the Musical Universe ● Joan of Arc – a short history ● Green Goetheanum in Somerset ● A Morning Meditation ● A Spiritual Scientific Understanding of Autism

Issue 66

Winter, 2012

● Planets, Toadstools and the Ash Tree – the Challenge of Chalara ● God’s Grandeur ● Street Children: Kathmandu, Nepal ● Transcending the Fossil Record ● Rosslyn Chapel, Kabalah and the Sermon on the Mount ● One-Sided Political Intentions of the English-Speaking World and the Search for what is Universally Human (Towards a Deeper Understanding of 9/11)

Issue 65

Autumn, 2012

● Calaban’s Dream ● The Advent of the Wearable Computer● Technology, Thinking and Our Sense of Life ● The Time is at Hand for a Second Chance for Threefolding ● Toxic Excess: Income Inequalities and the Fundamental Social Law ● TB, the Badger Question and Biodynamic Farming ● The London 2012 Olympics and the New Jerusalem

Issue 60

Summer, 2011

● The Osama bin Laden story and the search for truth ● Living in the Glow of Lazure: Lazure decorating lets the soul breathe in the soul of colour ● A Birthday Presence: Weleda at Ninety ● Digital Technology & the Afflicted Soul of the Earth ● Mining, Displacement & Resistance in India’s Tribal Lands ● A look at E.coli ● The Three Historical Temptations of England and Japan ● Overcoming Nervousness ●

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