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4 issues v.217

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Two-year subscription rate (For 8 issues):
£60 in the UK
£76 in the rest of Europe
£80 North America and the Rest of the World

A word about DONATIONS…
New View is a small initiative with a big heart and wishes to continue to communicate with the wider world about the spiritual life. New View magazine has very much needed donations to keep going these last years as we try and gradually build up the circulation to a point where we can break even financially. A number of people have given their support in this way, without which we would not have been able to continue. If you are able to make a donation, great or small, this would be very much appreciated. For those wishing to support New View with a donation please select ‘Donation to New View’ from the delivery region menu box on the right hand side below – Many thanks.

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4 issues v.217

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are priced at £6 each for the current and previous issues and £2.50 for back issues. A PDF is available to download for your selected issues of New View.
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£6 per issue deducted quarterly.
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£20 for 4 issues deducted annually.
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You can also buy a one year gift subscription of four issues for a friend or relative. The same discount applies as for the ONGOING ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, £20 for 4 issues. The giftee can then try out the magazine for one year. Each quarter an email will be sent automatically to the person receiving the ONE YEAR GIFT SUBSCRIPTION allowing them to download the latest issue until the year’s gift subscription period ends.
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PLEASE NOTE: We have kept the DIGITAL ISSUE the same whilst the cover price for the paper issue has increased.
Whilst the digital purchaser/subscriber saves on the mailing costs that are part of the paper version rates, we are not financially strong enough (see donations section above!) to discount the digital version further at this time.