Issue 111

Spring, 2024


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Easter issue of New View, Spring in the North and Autumn in the South, at least, that is, outwardly for the Earth. But Easter is an inner Spring for the whole world. In these troubled times there is an aching call for renewal, a transformation, across the great vista of humanity in our relations with ourselves, each other and the earth we live on. And it is a very personal matter. I can only take responsibility for what I do, within myself and out in the world, no matter how much I would like the ‘other’ to change.

I sincerely believe that the work of this magazine is to help this process of renewal and transformation to become a reality. Many people today, upon looking into the world around them and witnessing the terrible actions that so many humans are making towards each other and the manifest world, carry the question: “What can I do?”.

To know what to do needs, as a foundation, a right understanding of whatever situation one brings into focus. To really listen within that focus to what can be revealed and truly know what is at work, this is a heart quality. To then apply one’s thinking as clearly and rigorously as one can to understand what the heart has heard is to create the ground for right decisions. If the heart is absent, or blocked from the process, nothing good will come of it. When we really understand what is at work, then trust can be a companion bringing confidence as we make decisions upon which to then act in life. Easy enough to put such words as these on the page, but to live them… really live them, there’s the challenge.

However imperfectly it may manifest, the intention and the endeavour with New View magazine and its many authors who appear in its pages is, through a sense for the spirit which Rudolf Steiner opened out so widely for all human beings, to share insights and perhaps some inspiration to help on this journey. Just as Steiner was clear that no one, on any account, should simply accept what he said as the truth, but should make it their own, so it is with any communication. You, the reader, have to discriminate upon all that appears in this publication. My task as its editor is to hold to the tenets just described that underpin it.

With that in mind we open the offering of authors’ work with The Best Start in Life?, where Maria Lyons writing from Scotland challenges the government’s claims (here in the UK) that pushing young children into non-parental child care gives them a better start in life. Benjamin Cherry from Taiwan then explores the preservation and importance in our time of spiritual knowledge post Atlantis in Our Long, Long Journey Towards Becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love.

Lee Scopes considers the great challenge of the manifold polarities we are experiencing with one another in Finding Balance. Adam Bendixson follows this, from Canada, Mexico and England (he moves around!) as he continues his look at how money works in Part II of A New View of Money. This is followed by Christopher Houghton Budd exploring the value of a right form of accounting in The Great Preset.

Nick Jones’ compost heap imparts her wisdom in Compost Heap Ruminations, followed by a topical story by Nick, The Grain of Wheat.

In Becoming Recollected: Human Crossroads – Angelic Turning Points Therese Schroeder-Sheker, writing from Oregon, USA, shares a deeply meditative piece inspired and moved by the artwork of the Russian artist, now living in the USA, Elena Markova, whose art work adorns the front cover of this issue of New View.

From Denmark Michael Brinch brings us The Cross: A Seed-Thought for Easter. Whilst another author from America, Nigel Gilmer, offers Divergent Paths of The Future Part 1: Historical Foundations of Emergent Evolution. This is followed by an account of a community art experience David Newbatt made in Norway; Heart Thinking.

In Unveiling the Spirit in Darwinism, Charles Duquette, from USA, hoists evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins on his own petard. In A Different Country? The 13th Century and Today – Part II Terry Boardman concludes his exploration of a century that resonates with our own present time.

Richard House brings an extended book review Indoctrination or Education? – Schooling amidst the ‘Culture Wars’, bringing into focus the plight of children today. This is followed by a selection of book reviews.

Regular readers will be aware of the thin shoestring that holds New View together. I would like to make two requests of help from you, the reader. If each reader could find just one other person (or initiative) that might be willing to take out a subscription to see what New View offers that would be an enormous help to us and might, over time, release us from my making my second request for any financial donation a reader could give to help us make ends meet. The first request can lead to a lasting solution for our always precarious financial struggle, the second helps, immediately, to keep us afloat. Anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. And just in case:

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Finally, all good wishes for the time ahead to you, the reader, wherever you are,

Tom Raines – Editor, New VIew magazine.


Article/Author Topics

The Best Start in Life?

by Maria Lyons

Our Long, Long Journey Towards Becoming Spirits of Freedom and Love

by Benjamin Cherry

Finding Balance

by Lee Scopes

A New View of Money – Part II

by Adam Bendixson

The Great Preset

by Christopher Houghton Budd

Compost Heap Ruminations

by Nick Jones

Becoming Recollected: Human Crossroads – Angelic Turning Points of Reality

by Therese Schroeder-Sheker

The Cross: A Seed-Thought for Easter

by Michael Brinch

Heart Thinking

by David Newbatt

Divergent Paths of The Future Part 1: Historical Foundations of Emergent Evolution

by Nigel Gilmer

Unveiling the Spirit in Darwinism

by Charles Duquette

Climate Watch: Science and Activism in the 21st Century

by Peter Taylor

A Different Country? The 13th Century and Today – Part II

by Terry Boardman

Book Review Article: Indoctrination or Education? – Schooling amidst the ‘Culture Wars’

by Richard House

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