Issue 102

Winter, 2021

By David Newbatt, inspired by ‘Frith Wood’


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Holy Nights issue of New View magazine.

As we pass through this fontanelle moment of the year when the spirit opens more directly to all of us I want to offer words of encouragement, for myself included. It is clear that situations building out of the whole covid narrative, underpinning so much that is unfolding, are going to make matters worse for many people. We will all need friendships to help us through this time, also connecting to networks of people, working for the good. To stay in touch with one another. That might lead, one day, to the fulfillment of St. John’s words on Patmos, to Love one another.

At present so much is focused on the so called ‘vaccines’, which are experimental genetic treatments. It is a deep concern for many that an experimental injection into human beings, untested for real safety and efficacy, is being forced onto the world population – the general human population is in fact the testing ground, an unprecedented occurrence. Governments, at present mostly unaccountable to the people who voted then into power, are pushing this leading to a breakdown in human relationships whereby an unwarranted form of ‘covid apartheid’, through fear and misinformation, is growing towards the ‘unvaccinated’. This, in spite of the enormous amount of data collected by governments, (but not published in the mainstream media) showing the scale of the adverse reactions and deaths from these injections. Yet, whatever one’s choice, we need to recognise the humanity we share in common with one another and build a bridge to each other!

Through New View magazine, I support the fundamental work of Rudolf Steiner, in particular his statement that we should all be ‘well informed’. Each one of us has to engage with that independently; for how else are we to make good decisions in life?

In these days and nights many can feel alone, losing connection with all that is good and fair and loving. To find the strength to turn, inwardly, towards trust, is an act of hope. No guarantee of any outcome, but that turning towards a trust that we are not alone and we can prevail is what will make the difference. And friendship will help. It is not a blind faith, it is a decision; a sense of hope that makes the difference.

Jeremy Naydler points to this spiritual power with _On Why We Should Not Give Up Hope._We reprint a sixty year old essay by Francis Edmunds, who died in 1989, America: Land of the Apocalypse, which is then considered from our time now in Reflections on Francis Edmund’s Essay by Christopher Guilfoil, writing from the USA.

Ben Cherry writes from Taiwan about The Healing Power of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science in our Time. From the Netherlands, Vincent van Vliet examines The Chinese Health Dictatorship in 1920-1930 compared to the Rise of the Cyber-biosecurity Regime in the West.

Encompassing the streams of the Shepherds and the Kings (that span the Holy Nights), Colin Treiber, from the USA, offers Four Perspectives on the Riddle of Two-Fold Time. Rick Moxon then retells, in poetic form, the legend of St Bride in The Quest of St Bride of the Isles, complemented with paintings by Greg Tricker.

Frances Hutchinson explores ethical individualism in Freedom, Anarchism and New Community before Shindig Sallies Forth, where Shindig Rhymer brings a touch of humour for these difficult times. Nigel Gilmer, from the USA then shares A Personal Experience of Anthroposophy. Peter Taylor offers insights into Covid, Climate and Conspiracy before Michael Warden, writing from Spain looks into Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light.

Matthew Barton stands for human autonomy In My Body is Mine and Marina Filippin from Switzerland writes a personal account of The Dark Tunnel of Covid. Carlotta Dyson incorporates Steiner’s comments with a gentle commentary with SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 as Manifestations of the Bat Archetype – An Imaginative Approach.

Who Cares? by Wendy Teall shares a personal and graphic account of working in a care home.

But the Emperor is naked… sees Wolf Forsthofer explore, with insights, how we see through to the truth. Crossing the Threshold: A Brief Survey of Recent Books on Perceptions and Challenges across the Threshold in Current Times by Richard Brinton offers some spiritual background for our challenging times.

With Message in a Bottle, Richard Ramsbotham shares his, and another’s, raw experience of what is currently happening in Germany. Perhaps hard for some to read and take on board, but is important to know.

Until we can sell magazine subscriptions in sufficient quantities we have to fund raise to keep New View going, year on year. Many readers have made gift subscriptions (a wonderful way to encourage new subscribers) and I want to thank them and also all of you who have supported New View though these difficult times. If any of you can help us going forward into 2022 I would be very grateful. And of course, I will continue to strive to produce a magazine that is relevant and worth reading!

The front cover was inspired by a poem we have published in this issue of New View and is a gentle ‘Christmas and Holy Nights greeting’ to you the reader, coming with all good wishes for the New Year ahead, wherever you may be.

Tom Raines – Editor


Article/Author Topics

On Why We Should Not Give Up Hope

by Jeremy Naydler

America: Land of the Apocalypse

by L. Francis Edmunds

Reflections on Francis Edmunds’ Essay

by Christopher Guilfoil

The Healing Power of Anthroposophical Spiritual Science in our Time

by Benjamin Cherry

The Chinese Health Dictatorship in 1920-1930 Compared to the Rise of the Cyber-biosecurity Regime in the West

by Vincent van Vliet

Four Perspectives on the Riddle of Two-Fold Time

by Colin Treiber

The Quest of St Bride of the Isles

by Rick Moxon

Freedom, Anarchism and New Community

by Franves Hutchinson

Shindig Sallies Forth

by Shindig Rhymer

Personal Experience of Anthroposophy

by Nigel Gilmer

Covid, Climate and Conspiracy

by Peter Taylor

Powers of Darkness, Powers of Light

by Michael Warden

My Body is Mine

by Matthew Barton

The Dark Tunnel of Covid

by Marina Filippin

SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 as Manifestations of the Bat Archetype – an Imaginative Approach

by Carlotta Dyson

Who Cares?

by Wendy Teall

But the Emperor is naked…

by Wolf Forsthofer

Crossing the Threshold: Book reviews

by Richard Brinton

Message in a Bottle

by Richard Ramsbotham


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