Issue 104

Summer, 2022


Dear Reader,

Welcome to the Summer issue of New View magazine. In the Christian cycle of the year we have now passed through the time of St. John the Baptist and the longer days gradually shift from the Northern to the Southern hemisphere. The ebb and flow of the sun’s light moves rhythmically around the earth, giving us seasonal change that calls forth different responses in each of us.

How is the inner light? Does that ebb and flow? I think for most of us it does. There are times when shadows and storms sweep across the soul obscuring the inner light; our personal ‘weather system’. Why is it that we do not live in a constant state of happiness and creative contentment? These are rhetorical questions (even though I wrote these words!) because we all know the difficulties that life and other people bring towards us (and we to others). I am reminded of what Christ said to those gathered in judgement, “Let he who is without sin amongst you cast the first stone.” How many ‘stones’ have we all witnessed flying towards people, especially these last few years. The wider community issues, not least of Brexit, climate change, covid, inflation, Ukraine, have battered many of us, let alone the myriad of personal conflicts we all deal with. Why am I writing this? In part because if we do not seek the source of these flying missiles and the discontent, fear at times, that lies behind their damaging trajectories then the cry of St. John goes unheard: “ Metanoia”… from the Greek word… “Change your ways, change your thinking.” And it is surely our thinking that needs to be awakened and born anew so we might find a true understanding of events and one another. We are potentially all stone throwers. Can you imaging Christ throwing one?

A strong impulse at the heart of New View’s existence is to help us think things through. I have written before about Steiner’s maxims of the need to be well informed and have courage for the truth that also underpins what is published in this magazine – and we do not always get everything right, but there is an honest endeavour to get to the heart of things, even if at times authors can only erect a ‘signpost of awareness’ towards where answers to questions may be revealed.

That said, many folk find it difficult to look into the shadows at what is at work, so often ‘behind the scenes’ until it bursts into plain sight, at least for those that can see it. Rudolf Steiner – whose life and work also underpins New View – never flinched from looking at and confronting this. We cannot really ‘cherry pick’ the things that please and easily nourish us whilst ignoring the darker things in life, which are none other than the challenge for us to develop as human beings. Steiner has spoken much about the mission of evil and the forces at work against human evolution. Is this to be stepped over? At the same time, one needs to bring to the soul that which does nourish and also remind one that truth, beauty and goodness also accompany our journey. New View attempts to recognise and help this human journey. This issue is no different. With The Emergence of the Eighth Sphere Jeremy Naydler gives an insight into Steiner’s revealing of the unseen forces that are now coming to bear in the human journey. Ben Cherry, writing form Taiwan, addresses aspects of this in The Capture and Demise of Free Cultural Life… but there is Hope.

The ‘outer’ weather system is glimpsed at by Peter Taylor in Climate Watch. This is followed by a truly meditative piece by Michael Givens from the USA with That a Flame They May Become.

And so to the underpinnings of what has burst forth in the Ukraine with Terry Boardman writing of The Anglo-Russian Antagonism – Part 1.

Now is an opportunity for new social forms, which Michael Warden, writing from Spain, addresses in Sustainability Needs New Social Structures.

This is complemented in Mapping the Future Social Commonwealth by Frances Hutchinson and from Australia, Gavin Tang writing about Creating a global fraternal economy from a grassroots economic project.

Shindig Rhymer offers a glimpse into his literary labyrinth with (Shindig in Parentheses), perhaps something of an oasis to refresh the reader for a moment.

Valerie Taylor looks to the life of the founder of Osteopathy, showing how contemporary the approach and insights of this American pioneer remains to this day with An appreciation of Andrew Taylor Still.

An American artist, living in Switzerland, grounded in Steiner’s work and with a life-long affinity with the transformation of material substance, features with illustrations of his seven artworks that took 14 years to come to full fruition; The Seven Cultural Epochs and the Art of Philip Nelson.

Taking up the challenge to inspire a new development in our thinking, Trevor Dance offers encouragement in The Enjoyment of a Good Book.

Looking over the threshold of death, Wendy Teall shares a personal journey with Lost and Found.

Wolf Forsthofer, writing from Scotland, considers recent events with Over the (Silver) Rainbow.

Finally, Momo and The Grey Gentlemen – A Story for Our Time by Mike Howell leads into the book review section. We hope you find New View a worthwhile read.

Our thanks for all the ongoing help from our readers and, for those who can, please bear us in mind because New View always sails close to the tipping edge of the financial waterfall (one might say ‘abyss’).

Wishing you well, wherever you may be, Tom Raines – Editor


Article/Author Topics

The Emergence of the Eighth Sphere

by Jeremy Naydler

The Capture and Demise of Free Cultural Life… but there is Hope

by Bejamin Cherry

Climate Watch

by Peter Taylor

“That a Flame They May Become”

by Michael Givens

The Anglo-Russian Antagonism – Part 1

by Terry Boardman

Sustainability Needs New Social Structures

by Michael Warden

Mapping the Future Social Commonwealth

by Frances Hutchinson

Creating a global fraternal economy from a grassroots economic project

by Gavin Tang

(Shindig in Parentheses)

by Shindig Rhymer

Osteopathy and Healing: An appreciation of Andrew Taylor Still

by Valerie Taylor

The Seven Cultural Epochs and the Art of Philip Nelson

by Philip Nelson, Hatmutt Ramm, Wolfgang Held, Tom Raines

The Enjoyment of a Good Book

by Trevor Dance

Lost and Found

by Wendy Teall

Over the (Silver) Rainbow

by Wolf Forsthofer

Momo and The Grey Gentlemen A Story for Our Time

by Mike Howell

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