Issue 108

Summer, 2023


Dear Reader,
Welcome to the St. John’s Tide issue of New View. The preparation for this issue passed through the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere and the winter one to the south of the equator. Tipping points in the ebb and flow between light and dark here on Earth.

Each soul has a personal struggle with light and dark and also finds tipping points in life. One only has to ‘look inside’ and around at each other in the world to know this. And it is a constant challenge to find and keep the light. The inspiring life and message of John the Baptist – whose ‘day’ is celebrated on 24th June – was full of fire-light; epitomised by the Greek word metanoia – change your ways, change your thinking. John was the herald for Christ, preparing the way for all that could and would be made New. Mighty pictures to understand and live with.

The beating heart of the New View initiative lies with the work of Rudolf Steiner who did so much to prepare the way for human beings to renew an understanding for life and fill it with good-willed creativity. This magazine not only wishes to make Steiner’s world view accessible, but also support people to meet life’s challenges through informing, insights and at times, perhaps, real inspiration (that personal fire-light) through the work of the many authors we publish.

I began work as New View’s editor in 1998 with issue number 9. The coming Michaelmas issue will by my personal 100th as editor. I never imagined, at the outset, I would stay working with this magazine for twenty-five years. In truth, it quietly became obvious to me that it was a vocation, not just a job of work. I mention this because writing this editorial I recall that during this time we have published over 400 different authors from all over the world. And new one’s find their way to us with each successive issue. That is such a wonderful network of striving souls to be connected with, even for a short while. In these difficult times friendship and networks of good souls will make the difference.

With Robert F Kennedy Jr’s announcement to run for American President in 2024, we feature two particular contributions. The first, written by American John Schuchardt in the form of A Letter from America where he traces what happened to Robert and John Kennedy, both assassinated and what that legacy means for Robert Kennedy Jr, as he also steps deeply into public view. This is followed by A Review from 2018 from fellow American Edward Curtin of Robert Kennedy Jr’s autobiography pubished five years ago. Taken together these may give some idea as to who the man Robert Kennedy Jr. is and what he offers as the future unfolds.

Benjamin Cherry, writing from Taiwan, tells us something of what he recognises at work in that society with Looking with Fresh Eyes.

On the launch of his book Medicine in the Stranglehold of Profit Dr Thomas Hardtmuth from Germany gave a short talk, reproduced here.

We have two contributions from poet Matthew Barton, first a poem Singing Lessons and then Why Does Poetry Matter?

Therese Schroeder-Sheker, writing from Oregon, USA, looks at the threshold of life and death, at the spirit so fully with us, helped by the art of Elena Markova, a Russian artist living in America in Reaching Across Space and Time.

Three articles follow on the theme of bees, starting with The World’s Mantra by Heidi Herrmann, followed by two Talks on Bees by Gareth John and concluding with What Gifts Do We Bring? To the Bees and all Our Fellow Creatures by Jeremy Naydler. We also feature a man with a deep affinity for bees and their plight, offering a glimpse into his art with Arif Turan – Turkish Artist. He is an artist working out of Istanbul and kindly provided several pictures to complement the bee articles.

Shindig Rhymer resurfaces in the pages of New View bringing a little humour – and insight! – in Shindig Rhymer’s Laws of the Universe.

New View’s ‘resident artist’ David Newbatt re-interprets a masterpiece in Holbein, Then and Now.

Peter Taylor, New View’s ‘Climate Watch’ scientist, lifts the veil on scientific skulduggery in Clouding the Mind whilst engaging us to better understand the cycles and elements at work in climate. A poem by Theresa Roach Melia from California, USA complements this with Clouds.

Richard Bunzl helps our understanding of the origins of the human being in Old Saturn – An Introduction based on Rudolf Steiner’s insights.

Terry Boardman looks at rhythms in history with Three Kings and the Sun Demon, as ever, thought provoking, revealing and relevant to our time.

Thank you so much to all those who continue to support us with donations. The goodwill from the readership network of New View is keeping it going. Those living in the UK who are UK taxpayers can send donations to Hermes Trust – simply mention that the donation is for New View – as they can receive tax relief on such donations that further helps our cause. (, Tel: 01453 763 900 Email:

Finally, to you the reader, all good wishes for whatever lies ahead, wherever you are,

Tom Raines (Editor).


Article/Author Topics

A Letter from America

by John Schuchardt

A Review from 2018

by Edward Curtin

Looking with Fresh Eyes

by Benjamin Cherry

Medicine in the Stranglehold of Profit

by Dr. Thomas Hardtmuth

Poem: Singing Lessons

by Matthew Barton

Why Does Poetry Matter?

by Matthew Barton

Reaching Across Space and Time

by Therese Schroeder-Sheke

The World’s Mantra

by Heidi Herrmann

Talks on Bees

by Gareth John

What Gifts Do We Bring? To the Bees and all Our Fellow Creatures

by Jeremy Naydler

Arif Turan –Turkish Artist

by Arif Turan

Shindig Rhymer’s Laws of the Universe

by Shindig Rhymer

Holbein, Then and Now

by David Newbatt

Climate Watch: Clouding the Mind

by Peter Taylor

Poem: Clouds

by Theresa Roach Melia

Old Saturn – an Introduction

by Richard Bunzl

Three Kings and the Sun Demon

by Terry Boardman

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