Dragon Story Cover

The Dragon Who Had No Fire

Vibusha Delamore

Format: Paperback Picture Book
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Hector is a young dragon who is different. He cannot breath fire. This is a children’s picture book, beautifully illustrated by one of Vibusha’s sons, Zephir Delamore, that van be an enjoyable experience for adults too. All pages are full colour pictures with the story written into them.

Zephir’s drawings, coloured by Vibusha, hover between cartoon and fairy story and in that lovely balance between the two the character of Hector, his parents and friends (and a surprise at the top of a mountain) come off the page and draws one warmly (in spite of the fact that Hector cannot breath fire!) into a lively imaginal world.

The tale is a delight, the pictures come alive; take a step away from the concerns of daily life, bathe in the story of Hector and return refreshed! (And that is just for the adults… young children will love Hector!)

ISBN: 9-781-9999608-1-0
Published Date: Easter 2021
Format: Paperback Picture Book
Pages: 36
Size: 210mm x 250mm