9/11, 21 years on ...

20th anniversary of 9/11 in New York, USA

To mark the 20th anniversary of 9/11 New View is making available a series of five articles by Richard Ramsbotham, previously published in New View, dealing with the background and relevance of 9/11. The first of these articles was written for the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in 2011. The whole series took a spiritually forensic look into the dark strands that wove 9/11 into being, culminating in the 5th article (Christmas 2012-13) which, based on Rudolf Steiner’s research into the background of World War 1, points to the hidden spiritual intentions behind 9/11. Although these articles are 10 years old, they are not merely of historical interest, but build a picture that helps us understand how (and why) the world has reached where it is today, from which insights may arise which flow on into the future.

Approaching the 20th anniversary we published two more articles by Richard Ramsbotham in the Summer 2021 issue of New View magazine that revealed the direct connections linking 9/11 and the October 2001 Anthrax Attacks with ‘Covid-19’, showing that the unprecedented geo-political response to the so called ‘pandemic’ in 2020 with all its ongoing ramifications could not possibly have happened without what was achieved through the joint events of 9/11 and the Anthrax Attacks. Importantly, the second of these two articles offers a deep connection to a positive, spiritually informed, response to all that now challenges us. New View is making these articles freely available as a means of helping people gain a deep insight into the background of events now unfolding in our time. It is important to be well informed and it is hoped that these articles can play their part in that.


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A View 11 years on from 9/11

5 articles published in 2011-12

Articles 1 and 3 are particulary recommended for their in-depth studies of the geopolitical agenda behind 9/11(1) and of the questions of truth and lies in relation to 9/11(3).

  1. Part One – Ten Years On – Making Sense of 9/11
    A unique, in depth study of the geopolitical intentions at the end of the Cold War responsible for 9/11.
    ● Download here

  2. Part Two – The Continuing Significance of 9/11
    The significance 10 years on and the 9/11 Truth Movement
    ● Download here

  3. Part Three – Making Sense of 911
    Truthtelling and Storytelling

    A unique, in depth study of the epistemological questions surrounding the events of 9/11. (Philip Zelikow and the 9/11 Commission Report; history, ‘myth’, storytelling and truth.) ● Download here

  4. Part Four – Towards a Deeper Understanding of 9/11
    9/11 and Moral Truth. Building a bridge for a spiritual understanding of 9/11.
    ● Download here

  5. Part Five – One-Sided Political Intentions of the English-Speaking World and the Search for what is Universally Human
    Rudolf Steiner and the influence of secret societies on public and political life. Towards a deeper understanding of 9/11.
    ● Download here

Download ALL articles 1-5 as a single PDF: ● Download here

A view 21 years on from 9/11

2 articles published Summer 2021 (Available below as a combined PDF)

  1. The Challenge of the Times (Part One)
    Interlocking Histories: 9/11, the Anthrax Attacks and Covid-19

    How the Anthrax attacks and their background underpins the jorney from 9/11 to Covid

  2. The Challenge of the Times (Part Two)
    Avoiding Brave New World and Creating the Future

    A spiritually positive response to the challenges now meeting us.

Combined 1 & 2 PDF ● Download here

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